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GQ - The Truth About Cancer interviews Dr. Martin Bales on Breast Thermography

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Read a letter to all women from William Hobbins, M.D.

The first breast thermography academy in history, founded, created, and run by a woman. The only thermography academy meeting the minimum requirements for breast thermal imaging.

Women were originally the priority in breast thermography. From a thermographical standpoint, over the past 5 decades, the concern over the risk of womens' breast health has plummeted to the point of being an after-thought. Breast thermography is not standardized and regulated so most breast thermography clinics are not meeting minimum requirements and therefore putting women at risk.

WABT was created to put womens' breast health first. It is the first academy to recognize and support the importance of superior breast thermography camera technology along with the inclusion of strict minimal interpretation guidelines for breast thermography. Only when the proper technology is combined with interpretation will women receive the highest quality breast thermography. This resource will detail complete history of interpretation and technology.

WABT was founded by William Hobbins, M.D., creator of the certified breast thermography interpretation model, Wendy Sellens, co-founder of Pink Image Certified Breast Thermography Clinics, founder of Pink Image Analysis Interpretation services, and co-author with Dr. Hobbins, Maurice Bales, inventor of the first digital Infrared camera, and his son Martin Bales, co-founder of Pink Image Certified Breast Thermography Clinics, and Infrared technological consultant for breast and pain clinics.

Our mission is to provide the premier resource for breast thermography. All qualifying locations will meet the minimum standard requirements set forth by breast thermography studies. All women visiting this site will have the opportunity to learn the minimum standard requirements for certified breast thermography.

There are many false-claims and misinformation that are circulating about breast thermography. This has caused women to receive sub-standard screening at many uncertified clinics. As breast thermography has become more popular it is vital to educate women on the correct, certified screening and interpretation procedures.

Internal organs such as lungs, kidneys, digestive tract, uterus and cervix are too deep and cannot be directly monitored by thermography. Thermography may be able to detect referred patterns from the organs but this requires an extensive interpretation (even more than breast thermography) along with correlation with other medical imaging.

Breast thermography research studies have shown that an abnormal breast thermogram is a definitive marker for potential risk of developing breast cancer, even more significant than family history.

Breast thermography was never intended to replace mammography. It was actually created to be a mass screening procedure where high risk women were sent for further study with mammography.

In 1971 Dr. Hobbins surmised they could "proceed with programs of mass screening large segments of the population. In the initial step, thermography is used to determine the high risk population and these results are turned over to the private physician for follow up x-ray."

He believed "this brings good screening immediately to all areas at the least expense and helps to expand mammography faculties and education."

William Hobbins, 1971

              Pink Image's camera is FDA approved for breast thermography.
      Note rich details in images from the Bales TIP 600 optical line camera.

                  These images are from other Breast Thermography Clinics.
          This clinic's camera is not FDA approved for Breast Thermography.
    It is only FDA approved for skin temperature variations. Note lack of detail.

What is Pink Image? Giving Women a Fighting Chance Against Breast Cancer, High Resolution Breast Thermography, Located in San Diego, Southern California, Orange County

Breast Thermography is a superficial screening procedure which monitors the blood flow in the breasts. Blood vessels can form specific patterns that may signal an abnormality. To view these patterns clearly, it is vital for images to be in black-hot (grey).

What is Pink Image? Giving Women a Fighting Chance Against Breast Cancer, High Resolution Breast Thermography, Located in San Diego, Southern California, Orange County

         Breasts that may be at risk.
Note unusual vascular pattern seen in       black-hot (reverse grey) image.

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Breast Cancer Boot Camp
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Today we women are caught up in a battle for our breasts and our lives. Every year more of us fall victim to breast cancer while America leads the way with one of the highest occurences of cancers. It is time to take up arms and expose the deceptions of breast health. The propaganda of "staying young" with bio-identical estrogen, flax and soy-based products are literally killing women. If these types of estrogen are truly "healthy" why are breast cancer numbers rising, even amongst men? It is socially challenging to argue that excess estrogen is harmful, but the truth is scary. Join the revolution. Arm yourself with knowledge, with knowledge comes power and with power victory is attainable.

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